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Ahiko is a simple stable hand in Azeria when she receives an acceptance letter from the Aris Mage’s Guild. As she journeys to the Aris’ Guild, a surprise encounter with the mysterious Illocian Guild changes the course of her life forever. Accompanied by the sorcerer Rokuzo Barachi and artificer Enossa, they travel across the Azerian countryside to Acanium. The trio faces off against the Illocian Guild to maintain peace in Azeria, and more importantly to keep themselves off the shelves of the black market.

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The Cast

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Ahiko is a bastard born child who bears no last name, raisied by their mother. Ahiko moved out in their late teens, and found a job as a stable hand. Despite having an honest work, she longed for more out of life. Ahiko chose to pursue her dreams of becoming a great mage, where people would have to respect her. However, what they need is to learn to accept themself, as they are filled with an overwhelming self doubt.

Creation of the Character:

Ahiko originally started as a shy, timid character in an urban fantasy. As the story shifted, so did they. I had gone through a few character design phases with her. I wanted her to have a tomboy feel, so I decided against giving her anything fancy or pretty, and opted for clothes she could get dirty and be ok with stains. As the story progresses, I will have her wardrobe change to nicer clothes, as she learns to adopt theirself, embracing her inner power and self confidence.

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Rokuzo Barachi

Rokuzo is a mysterious man who wanders the Azerian countryside, never calling one place home for long. He is often found sleeping under the stars or near a window with a view of the sky. This sassy nomad  holds deep wisdom of the world and its people. As his arcanum is rarely rivaled, Rokuzo enjoys toying with his opponents, inadvertently making opponents into enemies. Some believe he secretly enjoys the torment as entertainment. 

He has an affinity for the things of old, including history and architecture. Raised by florists, Rokuzo learned to love plants and flowers. His specialty is earth magic, where he manipulates plants and tree roots. 

Creation of the Character:

I really like writing his sassy personality. It can be difficult at times, but it’s super fun to write what everyone is thinking, but won't say. I have so much backstory for this character; it's crazy. I could write multiple stories for him. 

Rokuzo went under the most changes out of all the characters, with Nasen coming in second most changed. He originally started as an announcer for an area fight story. The other characters would go to Rokuzo for advice. Later, he evolved into a teacher of the Ancient Arcane Arts for a mage’s guild, but I felt a teaching job would keep his free spirit too tied down. Adventuring suited this character much better for various reasons, such as being harder to track down, well rounded with an understanding of many cultures, and the danger adventuring presents. 

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